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Meanwhile... back in reality

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Beach Hater

I'll agree with Bailz here, I'm not a fan of the beach either. Well except for the scenery, you have to give the beach credit for the scenery walking past.

Of course, that means that the beach is better with a dog along. Really. The first time I took my parents dog to the beach, all these women (did I mention it was a topless beach?) would come running (bouncing) up to speak to the adorable little puppy. Except one, so my friend told the dog to run over and pull her bikini top off. AND IT DID! This is the only time this dog ever did what it was told, but it sort of makes up for the other 12 years of misbehaviour.



D5 Sort Of

Given that Bailz is suffering the after effects of his post exam poisoning of braincells and is not putting up his Drivel 5, I've decided to get them off LeftOvers instead. The alternative would be to make them up myself, but that would require thinking.

Spam, the lunch meat. Yes or no?

Normally no. Unless it is boiled in Northern Chinese style Steam Boat and drenched in Garlic and Sesame oil. At least the way my girlfriend makes it. That is OK. Not as good as expensive beef done the same way though. Steam Boat... Mmmmmmmmmmm

2. The traffic light is green as you approach, but by the time you get there, it has turned yellow. Stop or go-go-go?

Depends on what I am driving, and the conditions. In mum's Landrover, or in the rain, then I'll stop. In clear, dry weather in my hotted up turbo Zed, I'll be on the accelerator faster than you can say "17 psi of boost"

3. You are taking a trip...you have to decide whether to fly or take some sort of ground transportation. High or low?

How far is it? Up to 500 km I'll drive. Over 1000 I'll fly. It also depends if I've done the drive before, I'd tend to drive at least once to see the country.

4. Someone asks you a question about why something is, and you don't know the answer. Try to find out why or just say "I don't know"?

Depends if I would like to know either.

5. You are at the mall, and you spot someone who tortured you when you were in high school. Hello or goodbye?

Goodbye. Though I may want to show off a bit.

Plan to Take over World

Someone in a blog somewhere is holding a competition to come up with the best plan to take over the world, but I have forgotten who, so here is my plan anyway.

Step 1. Establish a free blogging program and site that is so much better than the alternatives that everyone uses it.

Step 2. The blogging program contains a subtle bug whereby blog entries that are opposed to my plans (relative to the normal output of that particular blogger)cause a crash, so the entry needs to be rewritten. This constant crashing is presumed to be random, but actually causes a subtle shift of blog writing towards my goals. Likewise, the bloggers themselves, being "punished" whenever their blog is too far from my desired direction, are subconciously trained to get with my program.

Step 3. With the blogging community following my desires, world opinion naturally follows.

Step 4. Within 3 years, the Unitied Nations elects me as world controller of the TV ratings system, and hence the ultimate controller of all social, political and economic systems of the planet. Well except for those countries without TV, but they are dumps.



New Dream Car

The Mercedes Benz SL 55 AMG spent very little time at the top of my wishlist of dream cars. It's just been knocked off its perch by the new Audi RS6.

Of course, back in reality (hey! that's a good name for a blog.... OK, name changed!) I would want to take them both for a testdrive; along with a Porsche 911 turbo, a Ferrari 550 and 458, BMW M5, Nissan R35 GTR, and what the hell, a Lambo Murcialago (sounds too cramped to actually own to me, but I'd like a testdrive anyway).

But if I happen to accidentally rub against the exhaust manifold of a Formula 1 car, and bring forth an automotive genii who asks for one wish, then the Audi RS6 it currently is. Though I might have to ask for free servicing and insurance to be thrown in too.

Political Map

Compared to the previous test I did, I prefer the answer to this one. My score is given by the red dot.

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