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Bill of Rights

This morning on the radio (Radio National if you care), I got to listen to the actual and shadow Attorneys General, and some Democrat, being interviewed about a proposed Bill of Rights. To my total lack of surprise the following errors were made.

The second point is the really interesting one. Here was an ABC reporter pointing out to a so-called "rightwing" "liberal" politician that a constitutional right to keep and bare arms would override government legislation. And he agreed, saying that that was why a legislative bill was better, because it could be over ridden if the Government felt like it.

She called the Attorney General on this piece of arrogance, pointing out that if a Bill of Rights could be over ridden whenever the government felt like it, then what was the point? At this stage all the politicians waffled on about symbolism and such airy fairy nonsense.

In other words, it will sound nice. What tripe.

Fashion Tips

The key to satorial elegance, or at least the key to being one stage higher on the fashion food chain than where I normally reside, is throwing stuff out.

I mean there comes a time when even a bachelor realizes that a favourite pair of trousers/socks/undies just has to go. The thing is (and fellow bachelors may want to start taking notes here) that you actually would have been better off tossing them several years previously.

But it seems such a waste. This is where the average Australian male is actually very environmentally minded, we hate to throw away perfectly good, (well by some standards) clothing.

Here is where my fashion tip comes in. It is much easier to give something to the poor than to chuck it in the bin. I can throw something in a St. Vincent DePaul's bin while I would still be wearing it to job interviews if the rubbish was the only alternative. And if the "poor" find it's too ragged for them, when it's good enough for me to still wear, then they can't be too damned poor can they?

Speaking of Radio National

Speaking of Radio National, the in-depth stories are always broken up by segments where a bunch of different people all talk at the same time. The interviews and quotes are overlaid into some "artistic" montage that can't be understood and should be replaced by music if they can't be bothered with more in depth analysis to fill the the time. This stuff is just annoying.

Oldest Profession

There are of course several "professions" older than prostitution. For prostitution to exist, a woman already needed the ability to say "yes" or "no". And that didn't happen until some sort of civilisation arose.

Probably the first real profession was witchdoctor. Even the most primative tribes that have ever been encountered have the old man who doesn't hunt much any more, but survives because people pay him for his magic, herbs and wisdom.

Prostitutes just have better P.R. Have you ever seen a movie where the prostitute wasn't either an innocent victim, or an actual hero? Compare with doctors, who are often cast as bad guys. OK, some doctors (not myself of course) ARE bad guys, but given the moral gap between healing the sick, and having sex for money, how come the prostitutes get the benefit of the doubt?

It's sort of like how reporters are usually heros. Even Superman and Spiderman are reporters. But this is easy to explain. Books, comics, TV, movies. All are written by... writers. (Duh!) And the reporter is a writer as a hero. So when a writer tries to think of the greatest hero of all, ta naturally comes up with a writer.

Which leads to the question: Do writers see themselves as prostitutes?


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